Reverend JM’s Panic Worship are a Dublin based band who defy categorisation. Performances are always engaging, drawing upon dark subject matter, tempered by a singular style of humour.


They describe themselves as, and this mélange of genre and form is as accurate as one can get with the written word.


Instrumentation includes guitar, drums, bass, tea chest bass, washboard, theremin, and various homemade and found objects. 

"charm, humour, dark atmospheric overtones and some great tunes as well"

2UI Bestow, blogspot

Formed in 2010 with a huge emphasis on DIY, Reverend JM's Panic Worship have self-released two full length studio albums and one live album. They have made various arts and music festival appearances throughout Ireland and Europe and play regularly in Dublin. Additionally, they have received both local and national airplay.


Their debut album Only Maggots Inside was released in 2011.
A second, more experimental album, Cast Iron Dentures was released in 2012.

The difficult third album is nearly finished. 2020 is the year... Month unknown.... 


For more information: revjmspanicworship (at)


JM Burr

Guitar & Vocals

Clodagh Rooney

Bass Guitar, Tea Chest Bass

Jimmy Rooney

Drums & Percussion

Garvan Browne

Theremin & Guitar

JM is the songwriter and vocalist. He plays guitar and has been known to use the ukulele, banjo, cigar box guitar, pitchfork and a variety of other homemade items.

Originally from Fishers Island, New York, he relocated to Ireland because, in his words, “I like the rain.” In addition to musical performance, he also writes, and more information about that can be found here.

Clodagh plays tea chest bass, washboard, electric bass, and a variety of homemade percussion instruments.

Heavily influenced by surrealism, she fills the spaces in the songs with punctuation, and also leaves gaps for the audience to fill with their imagination.

Jimmy was jolted from drumming retirement in 2010 in order to play with Panic Worship. Mystified by the possibilities of performing with this odd Reverend bloke, he stole his ten year old son’s drum kit and resumed his journey into the dark world of the percussionary arts.

In addition to being a first rate jazz guitarist, Garvan is also one of Ireland’s only Theremin players. He first gravitated toward the group due to the theatricality involved in their performance, and since then has become a very recognisable part of the Panic Worship line up. When he isn’t playing with the group he can be found healing the sick.